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SmartCRM a product of our company. It is also one of the largest Cloud CRM providers, offering easy to use CRM systems to small and medium sized companies. It aims to provide everything a business needs to manage their marketing, sales and customer support processes. The generally accepted purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to enable organizations to better manage their customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with those customers.

In today's competitive business environment, a successful CRM strategy cannot be implemented by only installing and integrating a software package designed to support CRM processes. A holistic approach to CRM is vital for an effective and efficient CRM policy. This approach includes training of employees, a modification of business processes based on customers' needs and an adoption of relevant IT-systems (including soft- and maybe hardware) and/or usage of IT-Services that enable the organization or company to follow its CRM strategy. CRM-Services can even replace the acquisition of additional hardware or CRM software-licences.

The term CRM is used to describe either the software or the whole business strategy (or lack of one) oriented on customer needs. The second one is the description which is correct. The main misconception of CRM is that it is only software, instead of whole business strategy. We are providing CRM Software support to various Industries in Delhi and all aver India.

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With the advent of the new millennium, real estate professionals in the real estate industry find it increasingly difficult to retain their existing clients or attract new ones.

With ever increasing competition the real estate industry is finding that things aren't as easy as they used to be. This need has become more important due to the increase in demanding and knowledgeable customers and a host of new competitors flooding the market. Faced with the ever increasing demand to deliver customer delight, the real estate sector is turning to the customer centric strategy of the decade - CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

The technology and internet has revolutionized the way real estate business is done. The use of internet and technology by consumers, consultants and developers to buy and sell real estate has increased dramatically over the years as a result of which real estate companies looking towards using up-to-date technology to be organized and professional. Technology and internet have emerged as a powerful tool for real estate service providers to offer their services in much better way and share property information through Real Estate Websites with a larger customer base.

Real estate companies using online property softwares as a Real Estate Marketing tool to promote their brand and office automation systems help them stay organized, proactive and directly reach to a larger mass and capitalize on market opportunities. Real estate companies by using CRM solutions can expand their area of reach by reaching out to a broader audience including buyers, property owners, and agents spread across different regions. These tools are also integrated with features that help them to scale their performance over a defined span of time. This helps them to make decisions regarding marketing investments, strategic planning and long term forecasting and investments.

The web and technology offers the realtors and developers infinite access to property, transactions and market related information. Buyers can make enquires online, therefore saving time and effort. It is easier for agents and sellers to track and respond to online general enquires available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enables real estate agents and companies to search and maintain large database of properties providing buyers with easy means to search through the online property database. Applications based on a CMS (Content Management System) can be integrated with the solution making real estate companies to update and publish details of properties easily.

If the consultant or a developer or a real-estate dealer is organized and proactive it helps them accelerate the sales cycle by making it easier for customers to buy a home, commercial property or land; Streamline sales process; Configure buildings ands developments to precisely meet buyer needs, with real time information on locations, pricing and availability; Improve service; Increase order accuracy; Track and understand market, competitors, customers, sales trends and much more.

Get organized today by opting for a CRM system for your organization and an integrated website.